LotuSIGN interprets the performance of Chloe Bailey at SXSW 2016, before interpreting the Music Keynote panel featuring First Lady Michelle Obama, Queen Latifah, Sophia Bush, Missy Elliot and Diane Warren.

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LotuSIGN interprets a surprise freestyle encore (previously unrecorded) by Childish Gambino at Lollapalooza 2014.

Warning!  Graphic language.

WGN-TV, Chicago 

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Barbie Parker Greenwater's reflections on the usefulness, frustrations and pitfalls of media attention (ASL only)

Barbie and LotuSIGN have been featured in many media outlets over the years, championing increased access and expressing  the joy in what LotuSIGN does.  Barbie's famous characterizations of live music interpreting - "This isn't your Grandma's ADA. . .  Live music shouldn't look like we're interpreting a city council meeting." - remain key vantage points in ongoing discussions of accessibility, interpreter roles, Deaf agency, terminology and just what it means to see music in all its power, pathos and excitement.

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"Feel the Music"

~ Barbie Parker Greenwater

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LotuSIGN trailer

LotuSIGN at Orion, 2012

   What's News interview with Barbie Parker

   by Tracey Schultz, 2012.  (audio only)

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LotuSIGN interprets Hank Williams' "So Lonesome I Could Cry", with Rosie and the Ramblers, 2013


"This isn't your Grandma's ADA . . . 

Live music shouldn't look like we're

interpreting a city council meeting."