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Community Interpreting

LotuSIGN provides certified and experienced interpreting services for unique or recurring situations.  Individuals, groups, commercial entities, non-profits and public organizations can all be supported in governmental, educational, medical, legal, business, ceremonial and general community settings.  LotuSIGN has the experience, resources and organizational skills to staff complex, large-scale and long-term requirements as needed, including multi-stage conferences, nuanced presentations and unpredictable situations.

Performing Arts Interpreting

LotuSIGN also has a wealth of experience in the interpretation of performing arts, theater and comedy, with a special emphasis on the interpretation of live music.  The current team has interpreted more than 1,800 performances, ranging from small and intimate venues to the small-city complexity of major festivals.  In addition to providing premier teams of live art interpreters, LotuSIGN can deploy to larger events organizational managers, logistics specialists and experts in regulatory compliance under the Americans with Disabilities Act.  LotuSIGN frequently manages volunteer programs within its area of expertise and is available to consult with event organizers regarding all aspects of providing equivalent experiences for their Deaf and Hard of Hearing patrons.

Conflict Management and Resolution

LotuSIGN also does business as Greenwater Resolutions, a firm specializing in mediation, negotiation, conflict analysis, coaching and the management of complex and controversial projects.  Affiliation with LotuSIGN gives Greenwater a particular interest and unique capability in the resolution of conflicts involving Deaf individuals, groups or organizations.

Volunteering and Other Contributions

LotuSIGN believes in broad support to individuals, groups and organizations within the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.  LotuSIGN frequently provides free or discounted interpreting services or other contributions in situations where event organizers lack resources, commercial advantage or other options.  Larger-scale or more demanding needs can be addressed to the non-profit LotuSIGN Institute.