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Positions Available

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Community Interpreters (independent contractors)

LotuSIGN LLC is seeking talented American Sign Language interpreters.  In addition to the performing arts for which LotuSIGN LLC is so well known, clients require the full range of community interpreting in educational, medical, legal, governmental, financial and commercial settings. Both hearing interpreters and CDIs are encouraged to apply. 

Adhering to a philosophy of respect and service to clients, consumers and interpreters, right practices at LotuSIGN LLC include efficient and fair dealings, high quality interpreting that recognizes and honors Deaf culture, and friendly and supportive working environments.

Interpreters can expect to work with fluent, observant, culturally-aware and congenial partners.  Special events open only to LotuSIGN LLC contractors encourage professional development, collegial exchanges, creative exercises and fun. LotuSIGN LLC provides prompt payment for services at more than competitive hourly rates, with premium pay for travel, overtime and short notice jobs.  LotuSIGN is fully insured against the costs of general liability, worker's compensation (TX only) and professional errors and omissions. As needed, ground support is provided at conferences and performing arts venues, relieving interpreters of logistical and other concerns.

In addition to current certification, significant experience and strong language skills in both ASL and English, conditions of contract include personal honesty, professional integrity, commitment to the Deaf community, ability to work cooperatively and a genuine interest in providing essential and creative services.  For various assignments, contractors may also be required to sign confidentiality statements, undergo background checks and comply with HIPAA guidelines.

The selection process consists of a review of applications, followed by callbacks, interviews and conversations with provided references.  A complete application consists of 1) application form; 2) a character reference from a member of the Deaf community, describing applicant's commitment to the community; and 3) a professional reference from another interpreter, assessing applicant's skill set, ethics and ability to work within a team.

Applications will be considered continuously.  Questions can be submitted through the contact link.