LotuSIGN is a full service access management agency for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, growing from the Alive Performance Interpreting agency founded in 2006.  Frequently cited as a world-class provider of American Sign Language (ASL) services, LotuSIGN organized and led interpreting at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration in Washington, DC.   Headquartered in Austin, Texas - Live Music Capital of the World - LotuSIGN is also a major contributor to the professional interpretation of music and other performing arts.  Cooperative efforts with Deaf team members, consumers, artists and colleagues allowed LotuSIGN to  turn ASL into visual art and pioneer Deaf and Hard of Hearing access to the artistry, message, spirit and emotion of concerts, festivals, conferences and plays.

As frequent pro bono contributors at other happenings, the experienced team at LotuSIGN provides unparalleled service to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Events supported with free interpreting include many non-profit or smaller-scale commercial performances where resources are limited, as well as many events staged by and for the Deaf community.

The non-profit LotuSIGN Institute is a complementary operation that promotes expansion of access to all performing arts by consulting with organizers, opening new markets and providing direct support to Deaf events, artists, galleries and exhibitions.

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"LotuSIGN brings to our festivals what we

believe is the best music interpretation in the country."


          ~ Emily Stengel

          Production Coordinator, C3 Presents

"There is no one better . . .  If I used

anyone else, I'd never hear the end of it."

          ~ Frank Schaefer

          Office Manager, SXSW

photo credit:  Ashley Garmon

"... While all this was going on, there were several incidents involving interpreters who sometimes worked with LotuSIGN.  We refuse to be distracted by those events or jeopardize our progress in revamping LotuSIGN..."

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